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COVID VIRUS – A May 2021 Perspective

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작성자 Sophie 작성일-1-11-30 00:00 조회12회 댓글0건


클라우드 컴퓨터 Thermodynamic free energy they said, Is the unifying principle of life, The edifice, the tenet , the principle, for life’s sustenance, they said. And yet and yet 어플제작 , it is ironic though, the same free energy considerations, dictate &ampbind the lethal covid virus, to the unsuspecting human host. As it ravages the arrogant human 개인사업자디비 race, country by country and continent too, unparalleled in misery &ampgrief unheard, In words or verse, can never be told. As governments, rulers , doctors, data scientists 채팅솔루션 &ampepidemiologists behold. Perplexing issueseven as they grapple, new variants wreck the scene again. As I see the pall of death and misery abound, The reminders of my 원격 컴퓨팅 grief stricken brethren, evokes and begs a question , deep inside, Can science address? OR is it the Lord’s round?Dr. G N Dayananda


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